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  • Travel tips for children with autism and other disabilities
    From the Utah Family Voices Health Information Center, this newsletter has information about preparing for and taking a trip with a child with autism. There is also information about preparing for an airplane trip if you (or your child) uses oxygen or a wheelchair.


Daily Living

  • Communicating and interacting with adults
  • Shopping: Finding it, price comparisons, budgeting
  • Cooking and preparing meals
  • Transportation and public transit
  • Vehicle modifications and car insurance for individuals with disabilities
    This web page at MoneyGeek.com has information about types and costs of vehicle modifications; financial assistance for those modifications or a new vehicle; and insurance coverage.

Social Responsibility

  • Voting
    • Determined to Vote
      For informaiton about voting for people with disabilities including hints for getting involved, how to ask for accomodations, and your rights. To set up a training, contact the Developmental Disabilities Council.
    • Voter Registration Information
      Find out how to vote, when to register, requirements, and more from this official State of Utah website.
    • My voice, My Vote
      Information about voting in Minnesota and other states; links to other websites about voting. See the My Voice, My Vote video on YouTube.
  • Selective Service Registration
    Once young men reach their 18th birthday, they are required to register for the Selective Service.

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