Young adults on the Youth Leadership Toolkit. Toolkit Review Survey, send us your feedback and movie review quotes. Young adults on the Youth Leadership Toolkit. Young adults on the Youth Leadership Toolkit. Young adults on the Youth Leadership Toolkit.

Youth Leadership Toolkit

Preview trailer

Watch the 1 minute Toolkit preview trailer on YouTube to get a sample of what you will see on the Toolkit videos. Also available in .mpg format or Windows Media File (.wmv) format. You can also watch a sample clip from the DVD on YouTube.

Why do we make videos?

Young adult presenting at Medical Home Learning Session.

We are a Youth Information, Training, and Resource Center for the Administration on Developmental Disabilities. That is the fancy way to say that we help youth and young adults with "differabilities" learn to be better advocates and leaders. We also share training and tips to help them during the transition from teenage years to adulthood, as they learn how to be more independent.

One of the ways we share training and tips is through our training videos. Our first video was the Respecting the Young Adult Patient video that we made when we were training Medical Homes (primary care doctors). We used the video to train other doctors, teachers, and professionals. Other states used the video in their training sessions also.

What's in the Toolkit?

Our young adults on our Advisory Committee told us that we should provide training on other topics, like leadership, self-advocacy, social skills, transportation, and more. So we made more videos (nearly 2 hours) of young adults sharing their hints and tips for other youth and young adults; parents; doctors; and other professionals. We also made a guide book to go with the videos/DVD. The guide book is for facilitators and provides some background and several discussion points and questions to use during training event. The DVD is in the back cover of the guide book, for pepole who received one of those limited hard copies of the Toolkit (1000 distributed across the country).

With the end of the grant in September 2010, there was no additional funding for more hard copies of the guilde book and DVD. So, we are providing the electronic versions for downloading. Please be warned, the files are large and take a long time to download. We have provided the videos in different formats. Please contact Al Romeo for a different format.

Youth Leadership Toolkit
Youth Leadership Toolkit Guide.pdf
Title & Approximate Time H.264/MPEG-4 Quicktime Windows Media Viewer
Toolkit Credits 1 min Toolkit Credits.mp4 Toolkit Toolkit Credits.wmv
For Youth and Young Adult Groups
Leadership 6 min Leadership.mp4 Leadership.wmv
Advocacy 8 min Advocacy.mp4 Advocacy.wmv
Health & Recreation 8 min Health & Recreation.mp4 Health & Health & Recreation.wmv
Transportation 5 min Transportation.mp4 Transportation.wmv
Employment 7 min Employment.mp4 Employment.wmv
Independent Living 10 min Independent Living.mp4 Independent Independent Living.wmv
Relationships 8 min Relationships.mp4 Relationships.wmv
For Families
For Parents 12 min For Parents.mp4 For For Parents.wmv
IEPs & IPPs 4 min IEPs & IPPs.mp4 IEPs & IEPs & IPPs.wmv
Healthcare Decisions 2 min Healthcare Decisions.mp4 Healthcare Healthcare Decisions.wmv
For Physicians and Healthcare Providers
For Doctors 11 min For Doctors.mp4 For For Doctors.wmv
Respecting the Young Adult Patient 8 min Respecting the Young Adult Patient.mp4 Respecting the Young Adult Respecting the Young Adult Patient.wmv
For Disability Service Organizations
Disability Benefits 7 min Disability Benefits.mp4 Disability Disability Benefits.wmv
Disability Services 5 min Disability Services.mp4 Disability Disability Services.wmv
Systems and Healthcare 4 min Systems and Healthcare.mp4 Systems and Systems and Healthcare.wmv

More videos that didn't make the cut to be included in the Toolkit.

A special thanks to the ILRU for making the Toolkit possible.

We want your feedback!

We want to hear what you think about our videos. Please take our 10-question online survey.


  • "The personal stories taught me that it's okay to try new things." (young adult)
  • "I liked listening to what the people had to say about their own experiences." (young adult)
  • Liked knowing that "I can get a job with my disability." (young adult)
  • "Very well done." (parent)
  • "I enjoyed hearing the Child/Adult's point of view." (parent)
  • "Real people talking about real challenges." (parent)
  • Needed more information about "loneliness and how to make friends." (parent)
  • "Gave ideas I hadn't thought of." (medical staff)
  • "Honest info from the patient." (medical staff)
  • "A wonderful tool." (medical staff)
  • "Dispelling so many myths and stereotypes." (medical staff)
  • "Each vignette is a kernel and nugget of gold." (medical staff)
  • "New toolkit brings young adults with disabilities into the conversation." (CPD Blog)
  • Take the online survey to give us your review!

Last updated: December 19, 2011.
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