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Young adults on the Youth Leadership Toolkit. Young adults on the Youth Leadership Toolkit. Young adults on the Youth Leadership Toolkit. Young adults on the Youth Leadership Toolkit. Young adults on the Youth Leadership Toolkit.

Audio and Video

  • For Youth and Young Adults
    • Healthy Lifestyles Video.Healthy Lifestyles
      This 4-minute video has healthy lifestyles ideas about eating and exercise from young adults.
    • Youth Leadership Toolkit
      Videos and guide book for youth, families, and professionals with 14 segments of tips from youth adults on a varitey of topics including health care, employment, relationships, ideas for changing the world, and more.
    • Disability Law Lowdown
      Podcasts about disability rights issues.
  • For Providers
  • For Families
  • Deleted scenes (for families, professionals, and youth/young adults)
    • Videos that didn't make the cut to be in the Youth Leadership Toolkit.
      • Toolkit Introduction/Commercial version 3 (60 sec)
        "Introducing the Youth Leadership Toolkit.
      • Toolkit Introduction/Commercial version 6 (60 sec)

        Text for the commercial:

        "Introducing the Youth Leadership Toolkit.

        Youth have a vital stake in improving disability services. They are the ones that will learn from their parents and peers to become tomorrow’s advocates and leaders. They are the ones who will teach us the changes in policies they need to become successful and fully included in all aspects of society. They are the experts on what it means to live with a disability in a complex and changing world.

        These videos will give you a brief look into the thoughts of a few young adults as they face their new adult responsibilities. We encourage parents to hear their words and help them become more independent. We encourage youth to share their voices and be strong as they get involved in their communities. We encourage doctors and professionals to find youth and young adults in their communities and include them on committees and improvement projects. We encourage everyone to watch the videos and use the questions in the Toolkit Guidebook to talk about how you can improve local transition and disability services."

      • For Doctors - Short Program (7 min 43 sec)
        The short version without clips from the Respecting the Young Adult Patient video.

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